Manage Your Menus

Menu Management: 9 min.

Create a page with right sidebar images:

Adding right sidebar images:

How to view and edit pages or content.

Finding a page and editing it: 6:30 min.

How to insert/add links to text and images on page.

Adding links to content.

Using the 'Open URL' feature in the text editor toolbar.

What is 'Open URL' :  4:30 min.

Using the Text Editor in creating content:

Below are screencast tutorials that describe how to use the 'text editor' when adding content to the 'Body:' of a page or other content type.  They should provide enough information on how to create and format text, add images to the text, cut n paste from a word doc, and how to use the media file browser.  This text editor is the main content creation tool for all of your content types such as a page.

How to create a basic page.

Create a basic page: 15 min.

Managing Taxonomy

Vocabulary's & Terms : 15 min

Site Overview Tutorial

Site Overview Screencast: Length 10 min.

Tutorials Overview

The 'Tutorials' menu on the left side is setup with an ascending order of viewing sequence. In other words after you have seen the 'Site Overview' you would move down to "Managing Taxonomy" and so forth.  This sequence is more or less the way to develop content for the site. The most extensive tutorial list is on the page "Using the text editor'. This page has various screencast (video) tutorials as well as text based reference links for certain items using the text editor (FCKeditor).

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