Breastfeeding Webinar

Webinar – Reducing Stress to Help Baby Nurse: Addressing Latching Challenges
hosted by the Indian Health Service, Division of Diabetes Treatment & Prevention
Date: Thursday, April 19, 2018 | 2 pm Eastern, 11 am Pacific
Session offers 1 hour of CE

Information about the webinar presentation:
Breastfeeding is an evidence based early intervention for reducing risk for obesity and diabetes. Tips and tools for increased implementation and sustainability of baby friendly hospital practices will be shared. The IHS promotes and tracks breastfeeding via efforts such as the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative, the Division of Diabetes Treatment and Prevention Program Best Practices, and GPRA. Getting baby to latch properly is important to a good breastfeeding experience for moms and babies. Maternal interpretations of infant behavior and signs of infant frustration can impact mom’s motivation to breastfeed. This session will provide information on how staff can enhance maternal functioning by providing support, interpreting and framing normal infant behaviors, and modeling and teaching ways to increase the infant’s ability to work through breastfeeding difficulties.

Objectives and Outcomes:
As a result of completing this training, participants will be able to:

1.  Alter practice routines that interfere with the natural process of breastfeeding in order to support a more optimal breastfeeding duration.

2.  Enhance and improve advice and support to new mothers to help prevent early problems.

Live Webinar Access
The URL below will take you to the login page for the session. Select the option to “Enter as a Guest”, and type in your name. Registration is not required. There is no cost for participation in the webinar. If you are not able to attend the live webinar, the session will be recorded.
Recorded Webinar Access     

The CME/CE approved recorded session will be available (along with other CME/CE approved trainings) on the Division of Diabetes website.

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