2013 NLN Meeting Abstracts: 

  • Healthy Hawaii Initiative
    • June 13 update on the Healthy Hawaii Initiative from Michelle Maeda: On May 23-24, 2013 the 2013 PAN (Physical Activity and Nutrition) Summit was held to discuss past projects and pick one major objective in various categories as the primary focus to be accomplished first.  Categories included Worksite/Business/Industry; Community Design/Access (Nutrition and Physical activity); Educational Systems; Healthcare systems; and Statewide Media.   I was very pleased that in the Healthcare Systems group (Linda Chock and I both attended this group), there was a landslide vote to work  on insurance reimbursement for registered dietitians and  physical therapists/exercise therapists  services for adults with a BMI >30 and children with a BMI >95%. The Keynote speaker was Dr. Maya Rockeymoore from Washington DC, who spoke on our sugar sweetened beverage policy, the importance of it, and strategies on how to help get it passed by the legislature. Here is the link to the new 2013-2020 Hawaii PAN plan: 
      The CSHNP Transition group continues to work on expanding the number of fairs in the different counties of Hawaii.  Currently, the Windward district will host their transition fair this fall, and our Central Honolulu district is planned for 2014.
  • Children with Special Health Needs Program

 2012 NLN Meeting Abstract: 

 2011 NLN Meeting Abstract: 

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