March 31- April 1, 2011

The Marina del Rey Hotel
13534 Bali Way
Marina del Rey, CA  90292

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NLN Sharing Session Abstracts
Preventive Services for Women – Chance for National Input to Institute of Medicine (IOM) Workgroup:
Consider sending testimony to address what needs to be added to the “Preventive Services Now Covered under the Affordable Care Act,” what are the evidence-based services or medical goods related to nutrition, physical activity and breastfeeding that should be reimbursed for women.  Include in your written testimony to the Institute of Medicine (IOM) Committee addressing preventive services for women to be part of the Affordable Health Care Act: 1) specific services and medical goods recommendations and 2) evidence based data and literature to support recommendations including documentation that these services would be preventive. Draft testimonies that you can work from are shared.Deadline for testimony is May 2, 2011. 

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Judy Harris Group Notes from Afternoon Session 4-5-11.pdf54.47 KB
C. Harding presentation – MCAH Application of the Life Course Theory to Nutrition.pdf1.68 MB
M. Lu presentation – A Life Course Perspective-Overview of Theory.pdf2.58 MB
C. Pies presentation – BEST LCI UCLA040111.pdf2.05 MB
Compilation of NLN 2011 Strengths.pdf8.82 KB
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