Submitted Abstracts have been grouped together by topic.


  • California: Haydu, Lactation Accommodation of the Low wage Worker Workgroup
  • Montana: Little, Breastfeeding Infrastructure Grant in WIC
  • Hawaii: Donohoe Mather, The Baby-Friendly Hawai’i Project (BFHP)

Children With Special Healthcare Needs:

  • Oregon: Filkins, Cross System Collaboration for Shared Care Plans
  • Oregon: Reeder, WIC Staff: An Underappreciated Source of Developmental Observation and Referrals for Low Income Families

Performance Measures:

  • Oregon: Stanton, Oregon’s Process for Selecting the Title V National Performance Measures


  • Oregon: Bettin, eWIC Training Videos

WIC Miscellaneous:

  • Oregon: Reeder, Exploring the Perceptions and use Patterns of Pregnant and Postpartum Cannabis Users
  • Oregon: Reeder, Association of Interpregnancy Interval (IPI) and Maternal Health Outcomes among Oregon WIC participants
  • Utah: Jensen, Online Peer Counseling: Expanding Peer Counseling in Utah WIC

WIC Participation and Retention:

  • Colorado: Kilgore, Strategies to Increase Colorado WIC Program Participation
  • Arizona: Mack, WIC Online
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