Life Course Presentations from NLN 2011

On-line Life Course Nutrition module

Hosted at the NW Center for Public Health Practice


There is growing evidence that nutrition and growth in early life—during pregnancy, infancy and childhood—has an impact on chronic disease in adulthood. When state and local public health departments take steps to ensure the nutritional health of mothers and children they invest in the future health of the communities they serve. This 75-minute online course, based on a life course framework, is designed to help public health leaders describe the role of maternal and child nutrition in population health and identify actions they can take to create equitable access to healthy foods and food environments. By the end of the course you will be able to use the life course framework to design effective nutrition initiatives to improve population health.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the role of maternal and child health (MCH) nutrition in the lifelong health of the population
  • Access resources for assessment, assurance, and policy development for MCH nutrition
  • Identify ways to integrate MCH nutrition within state and local public health agencies
  • Apply the principles of the life course framework for population-based public health actions and initiatives

Intended Audience

  • Public health practitioners, planners, and administrators

Western MCH Nutrition Leadership Training faculty are available to provide talks to state WIC staff and others about the application of the life course framework to WIC  

The Life Course Perspective in relation to Maternal Child Health Nutrition

Learning Objectives

  • Name at least three major ideas that are part of a life course perspective and provide at least one nutrition-related situation that illustrates each of the major ideas
  • Describe how nutrition during pregnancy, infancy and the pre/inter pregnancy period impacts lifelong health.
  • Apply the life course perspective to work in state and local health agencies.
  • Describe how life course approaches can be used to advocate for an essential role for WIC in advancing the health of the population.

 Maternal & Child Health Life Course Research Network (MCH LCRN)

WEBINAR: New Insights into Ending Chronic Disease by David Barker, MD, PhD, FRS

Dr. Barker is a Physician and Professor of Clinical Epidemiology at the University of Southampton, and Professor in the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine at the Oregon Health and Science University. Twenty years ago, Dr. Barker showed for the first time that people who had low birth-weight are at greater risk of developing coronary heart disease. In 1995, the British Medical Journal named this the “Barker Hypothesis.” It is now widely accepted. In 2010, Time Magazine called it the “New Science.” In 2003, Dr. Barker joined Professor Kent Thornburg at the faculty at the Heart Research Center, OHSU, to study how nutrition and growth before birth and during early childhood alter the development of the heart. Dr. Barker’s work is relevant to both Western countries and the developing world. 

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