NLN Sharing Session Abstracts 2015

Attachment Size Arizona_Mack.pdf 53.75 KB California_Vaughan.pdf 52.91 KB Colorado_Miller.pdf 51.96 KB Montana_Girard.pdf 53.33 KB Montana_Musil.pdf 195.18 KB Nevada_Dibble.pdf 50.75 KB Oregon_Reeder.pdf 50.33 KB Utah_Isabella.pdf 82.52 KB Utah_Velez.pdf 331.24 KB Idaho_Collier.pdf 468.85 KB California_Haydu.pdf 53.99 KB Washington_TraineeDeMarchis.pdf 143.26 KB Alaska_Johnson.pdf 188.29 KB Washington_Zerzan.pdf 103.16 KB Washington_Zerzan2.pdf 104.03 KB Oregon_Filkins.pdf 53.27 KB

NLN Sharing Session Abstracts, March 2013

Attachment Size NLN Abstract Table 2013.pdf 9.85 KB Arizona_Abstract_Yee.pdf 7.75 KB California_Abstract_Haydu.pdf 38.26 KB Colorado_Abstract_Miller.pdf 8.15 KB Hawaii_Abstract_Maeda.pdf 39.5 KB Hawaii_Abstract_Maeda2.pdf 37.75 KB Montana_Abstract_Pittaway.pdf 720.71 KB Montana_Abstract_Pittaway2.pdf 27.48 KB Montana_Abstract_Pittaway3.pdf 86 KB Nevada_Abstract_Walker.pdf 8.43 KB Oregon_Abstract_Reeder.pdf 17.35 KB Oregon_Abstract_Reeder2.pdf 16.95 KB Oregon_Abstract_Stanton.pdf 15.12 KB Utah_Abstract_Brown.pdf 8.09 KB

NLN Sharing Session Abstracts, March 2012

NLN 2012 Sharing Session Abstracts We will post the abstracts as we receive them. Please remember the deadline for abstract submission is Friday, March 9, 2012.  Thank you. Attachment Size ABSTRACT PRESENTATION LIST.pdf 73.66 KB Arizona_Abstract.pdf 10.81 KB California_Abstract.pdf 17.4 KB California_2nd Abstract.pdf 17.65 KB California_3rd Abstract.pdf 73.95 KB Colorado_Abstract.pdf 46.53 KB Colorado2_Abstract.pdf 81.92 KB Hawaii_Abstract.pdf 11.41 KB Montana_Abstract.pdf 89.6 […]

NLN Sharing Session Abstracts, March 2011

Attachment Size ABSTRACT PRESENTATION LIST.pdf 74.21 KB Arizona_Abstract.pdf 10.11 KB California_Abstract.pdf 8.41 KB California_2nd Abstract.pdf 8.1 KB Colorado_Abstract.pdf 7.99 KB Hawaii Abstract.pdf 13.09 KB Journal Club_Abstract.pdf 10.69 KB Montana_Abstract.pdf 84.35 KB Nevada_Abstract.pdf 8.26 KB New Mexico_Abstract.pdf 11.41 KB Oregon_Abstract.pdf 8.23 KB Oregon_2nd Abstract.pdf 7.83 KB Oregon_3rd Abstract.pdf 7.76 KB Utah_Abstract.pdf 23.84 KB Washington_Abstract.pdf 14.92 KB […]

NLN Sharing Session Abstracts, March 2010

Click here to Download the PDF of the abstracts (final version) Alaska Karol Fink, MS, RDObesity Prevention & Control Nutrition Specialist State of Alaska, Division of Public Health Addressing the Data Needs of our School and Community Partners The Alaska State Childhood Obesity Burden Report  and  Alaska Plan for Childhood Obesity. A sample of the Alaska State Childhood Obesity Newsletter – Chronicles […]

NLN Sharing Session Abstracts, March 2014

Attachment Size Sharing Session Topics.pdf 62.84 KB Arizona_Yee.pdf 15.01 KB California_Haydu.pdf 15.76 KB Hawaii_Chock.pdf 7.91 KB Montana_Girard.pdf 12.25 KB Montana_Pittaway.pdf 10.95 KB Nevada_Dibble.pdf 30.23 KB Oregon_Bettin_Reeder.pdf 8.42 KB Oregon_Filkins.pdf 90.27 KB Oregon_Stanton.pdf 16.93 KB Utah_Isabella.pdf 9.22 KB Utah_Perry.pdf 7.81 KB Washington_Zerzan.pdf 11.61 KB Wyoming_Moran.pdf 9 KB

NLN Sharing Session Abstracts, March 2016

Submitted Abstracts have been grouped together by topic. Breastfeeding: California: Haydu, Lactation Accommodation of the Low wage Worker Workgroup Montana: Little, Breastfeeding Infrastructure Grant in WIC Hawaii: Donohoe Mather, The Baby-Friendly Hawai’i Project (BFHP) Children With Special Healthcare Needs: Oregon: Filkins, Cross System Collaboration for Shared Care Plans Oregon: Reeder, WIC Staff: An Underappreciated Source […]

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