Purpose of NLN Collaborative Learning: 

To take advantage of the experience and knowledge of NLN members and Partners faculty to provide resources and support for NLN members so that they will optimize public health nutrition services to the MCH population in the western states.

The goals of this collaborative learning project are:

  1. to provide a forum for NLN members to discuss the policy implications of current knowledge about nutrition and autism
  2. to share resources and policies for nutrition and autism across states
  3. to stimulate collaborative thinking and problem solving about current issues in public health nutrition and autism.


What RDs and Other Professionals Advise about Working with Families with Autism

Financial and other Costs to Families of Children with Autism

Costs of Special Diets for Autism

Highlights of Peer Reviewed Scientific Research about the Efficacy of Nutritional Treatments for Nutrition and Autism

What Families are Saying and Reading about Nutrition and Autism

Highlights of Peer Reviewed Scientific Research about Nutritional Status and Special Diets for Autism

State Documents and Plans for Autism

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